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A word from the president

INESSENS, visibly different,

Being visibly different is first and foremost being much more than a PRINTER for our clients, we have given ourselves the means with which we can achieve our ambitions, a view shared all the workforce. Rather than detailing our technical prowess, we prefer to tell you about our values, to introduce you to our co-workers and to the passion they have for our company.

Being visibly different is also being attentive to all stakeholders and being fully aware that our interests are mutual.

This philosophy is acted on a daily basis and gathering our teams around this approach is the objectif of our commitment in our Corporate Social Responsability policy.

Éric Groshens, Président

Our CRS policy

CSR is an integral part of our DNA and of INESSENS’ values.

Being committed to CSR means being concerned about the interests of all stakeholders and being fully aware that our interests are convergent.

Making sure that we always act in this way, mobilising and uniting our employees around this responsible approach, is what our CSR policy is all about.

Our commitments over the next 3 years are based on 6 priorities:

  • Local development, health and safety at work
  • Health and safety at work
  • ECO 7, the core of our analysis and reflection policy in our eco-responsible approach
  • Sustainable relations with stakeholders
  • The creation of a school for INESSENS professions
  • Re-expressing the social and economic model

Our values

A level playing field to start, followed by fairness for all.

Respect, loyalty, honesty, integrity.

Managerial exemplarity.

Passionate employees.

Constantly self evaluate.

Being efficient to build a future.

Invest & innovate constantly.

Fair sharing of benefits.

Financial independence in the interest of the stakeholders.

Make our managers shareholders.