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Since 1885, 6 generations have shaped the history of the BOUGRIER FAMILY…The 5th and the 6th generation work side by side and have been able to give a new dimension to the family house which is recognized today as one of the last family houses covering the whole of...

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Maison Laudacius becomes more modern

More than 60 years ago, ambitious winemakers who knew that quality would be the future of wine pooled their terroirs, their knowledge, their tools…Today, they are the greatest ambassadors of a appellation that attracts both explorers and connoisseurs:...

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For the Bouey family, the love of the vine and the work of the Bordeaux land are much more than a tradition, they are a real family heritage. It was in 1821 that Jean Bouey acquired the first family vines, in the heart of the Médoc. Today, Maison Bouey is one of the...

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Our mastery of color

In our activity, we work either in four-color-process (Yellow, magenta, cyan and black) which makes it possible to reproduce a large part of the colors, or in Pantone® color, a universal standard commonly used in the field of graphic design and printing with more than...

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Our client Elodie Naslin, the Marketing Director of Grandes Distilleries Peureux-Massenez, explains how their new label has been created and why they chose our special Natural Canvas : "To carry out the product development of Djebenah Buna®, we called on Inessens to...

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Our variable data solution for the ZODIAQUE collection

Here is a superb challenge taken up for our client Pierre Vidal: to create and print on the same roll, their ZODIAC collection, 12 labels with the 12 astrological signs.They were produced by our DIGIT LABEL printing house near Bordeaux, which offers to print your...

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