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6 different labels for Croix Gratiot

These labels were printed digitally by our Bordeaux printing house, Digit Labels and they are based on the technique of variable data which makes it possible to have 6 slightly different labels for the same wine.Here the little fish, drawn by our client's daughter,...

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Episode 14 of our web-series

Discover the last episode of our web series: it will focus on identification and traceability labels printed by TLS, near Paris. Video link: HERE To contact us, CLICK HERE, or by phone on 04 68 76 37 37 and by email contact@inessens.fr

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The creation of a 100% sustainable cognac.

The Prince Hubert de Polignac Cognac house and Inessens printing house are pleased to present their 100% sustainable creation, as part of the launch of 'Organic-Biological' quality: eco-designed paper, natural pigments, hot foil without metallization, wooden head cap,...

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