Add value to your products with innovative labels

Our printing houses offer you innovative labels for your products to be different.

The development of these innovations has been possible thanks to the convergence of our businesses and the complementarities of our experiences.

Give a rewarding and protective setting to your products

We offer a premium and comprehensive range of packaging items, which includes gift boxes for your most precious bottles.

Discover our olfactory communication tools

Our site specialised in the design and manufacture of specific items dedicated to perfumery, cosmetics and luxurious products, is at your disposal to help you in the development of your means of olfactory communication.

27 years of history serving our customers,
A common vision, a passion for packaging
to enhance your products.

INESSENS, more than a printing house

Our reason for existing is to offer services beyond printing, from advice and design to technical support, including storage and retouching.


Our core business is based on innovation to anticipate market trends and offer new printing solutions and new papers in line with consumers’ demands and allow our clients to stand out with ‘visibly different’ labels and gift boxes!

Eric Groshens, Président



A level playing field to start, followed by fairness for all.

Respect, loyalty, horsey, integrity.

Managerial exemplarity.

Passionate employees.

Constantly self evaluate.

Being efficient to build a future

Invest & innovate constantly.

Fair sharing of benefits.

Financial independence in the interest of the stakeholders.

Make our managers shareholders.

Our 9 printing workshops

Fichier 10

Our Creations…

Wines & Spirits, Food, Cosmetics & perfumery…

News of the group

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News from our royal collaborators: Inessens bees

In a world where environmental awareness has become a priority, our printing house Roy is setting an example by integrating an ecological dimension into its business. Here's a look back at an initiative that's as innovative as it is valuable: the installation of...

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Launch of a new skincare range by NOOANCE PARIS

NOOANCE is the brand specialised in anti-aging care, offering innovative formulas without irritating and allergenic components. Each product is the result of their full, uncompromising and transparent commitment to the composition of the products. As part of the...

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Atelier 7 is a design agency, which will help you in the creation of your products.


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