The idea was to create distinguished, classy and more modern labels and that is why we recommended our Golden Dust support. It gives a touch of brilliance to the labels thanks to its delicate mother-of-pearl hidden in the paper. A curved gilding also sublimates the contour of the label and the name of the wine.
Here is the feedback from our customer Jérôme REGUES, the director of the winery:
“The decision to change the packaging of our Extra Brut de Gravette was necessary following the comments of certain customers. We had a qualitative product with positive customer feedback on the quality of the wine but a bottle that was not very attractive. The sales in our stores were stable but without triggering the act of purchase of new customers. We decided to change the product towards a much more qualitative, fresher, younger packaging with a bottle that must attract the eye at first glance, then distinguish itself in the detail with a paper texture with a slight relief on the gilding to play with the light. After a month of sales in our stores and a change in the selling price, we are seeing an increase in sales of more than 50% with very satisfactory customer feedback.”
The customer is thrilled and so are we for making a satisfied customer!

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