Together with our client, Les Vignerons du Brulhois, and their design agency, Marie Trichard, we conducted a process of joint reflection and technical development.
The fact of being consulted at the beginning of the reflection allowed us to better understand the issues and to be a source of proposals.
So we suggested starting on a paper that is water-resistant and playing on subtle background animations with debossing, double hot foil, one black andone pearly pink, as well as a diamond-point embossing on the brand in order to enhance the design of the label.
Our clients, Fabienne Val and Delphine Leuillet tell the story of this development: “For this project to upgrade our sparkling rosé, Inessens was involved, from the start of the project, in direct contact with our graphic designer and our teams. Their understanding of our needs as well as their recommendation on the choice of paper and printing techniques were decisive in restoring elegance and femininity to our ‘Amour en Bulles’”.
Thanks to them for this beautiful project and this cooperation. To contact us, CLICK HERE, or by phone 04 68 76 37 37 and by mail