Fineness and precisionle 8 October 2019

Here is how INESSENS can help you develop your most prestigious products.

Alexandra Parfus, Brand Manager of the Ravoire & Fils house, says: "A few years ago, the project was born to create a range that showcases the know-how of our house, paying tribute to the careful work of passionate men and women who cultivate the soil in search of excellence and preservation of our lands. From this idea was born MAISON RAVOIRE, which is divided into seven recognized names of the Rhône Valley. For the launch of this flagship brand, INESSENS has been called upon to improve the quality of the wines selected. Thus, we have moved towards an identity label that presents a great fineness of realisation and printing. Thanks to Clémence BAILLE's valuable advice, her expertise and her follow-up, we have selected a thick paper, with a qualitative touch. 


On the other hand, the shapeliness applied allows us first to reinforce the presence of "Maison Ravoire" and our coat of arms, but also to make a subtle reminder of our coat of arms at the top right of the label. Finally, the shape of the collar has been the subject of many back and forth with the INESSENS study office to achieve a result both visually and technically satisfactory when laying in machine. Thanks to this carefully worked packaging, the consumer perceives the positioning of the product clearly. The label then offers a second analysis that gradually gives us its technicality, just as the wine gives us its secrets." 


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