The heart of INESSENS’ activity is based on innovation to study, or even anticipate, market trends. This upstream work is crucial because it allows us to offer, with our Research & Development department, new printing and material solutions in line with consumer expectations and allow our customers to stand out.

In recent years, we have set up trend books, reflecting the ‘Story Telling’ of the product and the desired atmosphere around it. The printing supports and techniques are only there to translate, and even sublimate, the original design.

The theme of naturalness is very present in the labels, all sectors combined.

Labels intended for Wines and Spirits have an obvious link between the different stages of wine or spirit production, and with nature. Not to mention that consumers are increasingly looking for drinks that make them happy, without harming their health. The same applies to food products.

The labels that will come to adorn cosmetic products and perfumes are also looking for a direct link to nature, to bet on the more natural design of their products and more respectful of the environment.

Thus the colors used are more natural; warm grey, beige nude, taupe, caramel, dark brown, chocolate and the palette of greens linked to the organic logo are the idea we have of naturalness.

They are combined with sober and effective finishes in intense but not brilliant colors such as matt gold, chocolate or even gunmetal hot stamping.

The paper chosen will be rather mate, rustic and authentic.

In terms of design, we are going to be on simple and refined labels, raw, or with floral or even animal patterns.

At Inessens, micro-debossing is a solution to give substance to your packaging. It consists of creating texture effects on closed or unstructured papers that we have in stock.

Embossing (on its own or associated with the transparent hot stamping) will give a 3D effect which makes you want to touch and causes the consumer to take it in hand. In addition, the manufacture of the shaping tool is more environmentally friendly!

For several years, Inessens has developed a private collection of papers, one having the appearance of finely veined wood; another with a natural textured look with colored fibers that catch the eye and give depth.

The authenticity of wood, cork, rustic natural canvas… are real materials that are more emotional than paper, to allow you to differentiate yourself even more and create value.

Our collection of 14 natural pigments offers an innovative concept that respects natural resources. We wanted to be inspired by nature to offer colors developed only from real natural pigments from plants or minerals. The printed result is reminiscent of the inks of yesteryear, pastels, which are coming back into fashion and are completely in line with the eco-design trend.

A wide range of recycled or bio-sourced media exists on the market. At Inessens we offer, among other things, a recycled velvety support, 100% recycled felt-like French paper, also available in washable glue to facilitate the reuse of your bottles: another trend that has accelerated at the start of 2022!

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