The XO INESSENS illustrates our commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Each component of the packaging has been chosen with care, sharing with our partners, on the same desire to support our customers with sustainable innovations. The selected support is a velvety white French paper with a textured aspect made with 100% recycled fibers with a washable glue which makes it easier to recycle the bottles. We brought a texture with a treading of fine lines in order to add value to the product. For printing, we bet on inks that are more respectful of the environment, made from natural pigments, Madras red from natural ore from Madras in India with a dense and warm color, and Black pigment from Vines which takes its name from burnt vine shoots and gives a dark gray tone. The gilding is gilding without metallization, the selected bottle is lightened and the cork has a wooden head. For your eco-designed projects, contact us: CLICK HERE, or by phone on 04 68 76 37 37 and by email