Wood naturally brings us back to the world of wine, vineyards and nature. This is why so many of our customers choose this medium to promote their product.
With wooden labels, each one is unique because the veins and knots are natural and different on the material.

Our client, the Font Barriele estate, has also opted for this medium and tells us how the idea came about: “Following a biodiversity diagnosis carried out on our estate (in organic farming) by naturalists from the Gard ornithological centre, we decided to install nesting boxes to encourage the establishment of tits and bats in our vineyards, as well as lodgings for the Ocellated Lizard seen in our rolled pebbles.

The wooden labels are a nod to the wooden nesting boxes we are building: each label is unique and has meaning! Inessens worked with us to ensure that the fineness of the drawings and the intensity of the colours were as precise as possible on this original support: the result is very successful!

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