We had the opportunity to work with Domaine Seguin de POUILLY / LOIRE on the label “Pouilly Fumé”. The cut 2 bodies of this label brings an originality which lets perceive the wine in transparency. A Soft Touch backing is used, providing a very matte finish and a velvety tactile effect. The curved silver gilding highlights the domain name and the logo, the latter underlined by curves in silk screen varnish that follow the cut. A very beautiful modern creation, classy and refined, which makes you want to be tempted.
Here is the return of our customer :
“Our will was to create a new label with an aesthetic and visible quality aspect. The idea was to have a visual that would stand out from other packaging, as this label is intended for retail.
After a constructive exchange during the first meeting, the creation was relatively quick and led us to validate the BAT less than a month after having set the specifications for this new packaging. The deadlines for the delivery of the labels were then perfectly respected and thus less than 3 months were necessary to concretize the project.
These new labels are totally in line with what we wanted and we are therefore totally satisfied with this first collaboration”. Philippe Seguin, owner.

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