The Prince Hubert de Polignac Cognac house and Inessens printing house are pleased to present their 100% sustainable creation, as part of the launch of ‘Organic-Biological’ quality: eco-designed paper, natural pigments, hot foil without metallization, wooden head cap, recyclable tin capsule… so many sustainable innovations in line with consumer expectations. Laurie De Santiago, Marketing & Development Manager at Polignac explains: “When we decided to relaunch our organic quality, it was obvious to us to respect the expectations of our consumers and to go even further. By supressing the gift case, working on a wooden head cap, with a pewter cap, it was necessary for me to rely on INESSENS’ technical expertise and spirit of innovation in order to create the most sustainable label possible. The result is stunning, we are amazed by the colors of natural pigments, by the glossy hot foil and by the feel of this paper.” INESSENS decided to develop a range of inks made from real natural pigments, of mineral or vegetable origin more than five years ago. After two years of research, our range of natural pigments was born and we continue to enrich it each year. We are delighted to have accompanied the Polignac house in the development of its cognac in organic quality and to have magnified a beautiful product. To contact us, CLICK HERE, or by phone 04 68 76 37 37 and by mail