This is a subject that is close to the hearts of all our employees, which is why we make it a real priority.

The consideration of environmental, social, economic and ethical issues by industrial companies has become a strong expectation on the part of their customers, and ultimately, on the part of end consumers. For some of them, “responsible” purchasing has even become crucial. But how can we be sure that these companies are really virtuous? This is the aim of the ISO 26000 standard on social responsibility.

The label provides guidance on how to achieve these objectives and a method to assess their commitment to sustainability and their overall performance. Inessens, which manufactures labels, has just been awarded the precious label. The process was initiated in 2019 and involved all the subsidiaries of this group, which has a turnover of 55 million euros and 267 employees. It continued in December 2020, with an audit carried out by experts in corporate social responsibility (CSR) from Afnor, and was concluded a few days ago by the award of the ISO 26000 CSR Committed label, confirmed level.

“Our desire to become a CSR Commitment was to send out a strong signal, that of a company and its employees who take responsibility for the impact of their decisions and are committed to the sustainable development of their activities. “The company states in a press release. Unlike other standards, ISO 26000 contains guidelines and not requirements. An action plan and priorities still need to be defined. Inessens has worked on many aspects.

“First of all, we carried out a diagnosis of all our sites, including the holding company. This enabled us to define an action plan with priorities,” explains Christelle Dubois, the group’s marketing director. The analysis of the energy performance of buildings, with, for example, the deployment of photovoltaic panels, but also the selective collection of industrial waste, its recovery and recycling are among the measures implemented. Inessens has also created an Eco 7 charter to involve its teams, as well as suppliers and customers, in this approach, and has set up a reciprocal commitment booklet with its customers with the aim of perpetuating commercial relations based on a sustainable relationship.

“We realised through this process that some of our clients were very advanced in this area. As a privileged partner, we had a duty to provide answers and suggestions to take our commercial relationship further. We have therefore responded in part to their expectations. The notion of a sustainable relationship is now a pillar of our commercial development. “concludes Christelle Dubois.

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