Depending on the surface of the product, a label can quickly become too small… That’s why peel off labels are a real asset for small formats! This is exactly why our German customer Ratio Plast chose this model for their CRELANDO pencils. By wrapping around the pencil, the multi-page peel off label does not take up much space and is a must for this type of product.
It is with great satisfaction that we reveal the opinion of our customer about his order:
“I am very happy to let you know that the processing of our last order went very well. The sales follow-up, design, print implementation and delivery went smoothly. We are very pleased with the printing results of these peel off labels, which are perfect for processing on our packaging machines. We got a banding peel off label on a thin diameter product, which is an additional challenge for their application. So we are very grateful to Haas for their many years of experience in special label printing solutions, which provided us with these high quality labels.”

Many thanks for your trust!

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