For this concept, the objective of our agency Atelier 7 was to differentiate the packaging of a rosé wine to attract the consumer’s attention by taking the opposite approach to most labels found for rosé wines, i.e. little covering to highlight the rosé.
Our Haas site, strong of its experience in the development of packaging for the greatest Perfumers, has put at the service of this development one of its know-how, the complexing of different papers.

The association of materials allowed us to have a more covering label and to play on a lace impression to bring lightness and elegance while playing on the rosy hue of the wine. The choice of a highly textured paper for the more covering part of the label accentuates the contrast and brings a statutory positioning.

The Vignerons du Mont Ventoux, a very innovative and differentiating player, were seduced by this concept. For the CHARNELLE label, our agency Atelier 7 was able to accompany them from the idea of the concept, translated by the creation and our know-how.

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