We have printed the labels for the Mémoire des Sens brand, an extremely challenging job to achieve the same result as the boxes with very short deadlines!

Upon receiving the samples, our printing house Digit Labels, located near Bordeaux, studied the fineness of the texts and modified the hot stamping to match the packaging. We recommended a textured support with a pretty embossed hot foil.
Their Director of Brand Development tells the story of the label project: “Mémoire des Sens is the first niche brand created by SPPC. We imagined and developed it with enthusiasm and a measured sense of detail to give it a strong identity and a perspective of evolution, in line with the precise codes of a confidential brand. We selected the best partners for this project, those who understood it best and brought their know-how to it. We chose to put the brand and name of the perfume on a label stuck to the bottle. Digit Labels, thanks to its expertise, was able to imprint the identity of our collection to give it perfect coherence. We are extremely proud of this collection thanks to our valued partners. »

Thank you for your trust!