The winegrowers and the teams of the Vignerons des Terres Secrètes and Nuiton-Beaunoy cellars, united within the Union of Associated Winegrowers of the Monts de Bourgogne, have chosen to change habits and emphasize respect for our environment by creating and signing a committed, innovative and responsible range, Cerço (symbolizing the circular movement from vine to glass). “This is a real commitment made out of conviction for the preservation of our environment,” explains Charles Lamboley, Marketing Director. “It is a unique and innovative, collaborative and participative project initiated in 2019, which brought together 25 volunteer employees and 12 winegrowers committed to organic viticulture. More than 24 months of reflection and analysis were needed to create the least impactful range possible. »

All the elements of the packaging were questioned, all the existing solutions were analyzed in order to select those that would reconcile respect for the environment and the economic viability of the range.

The bottle is lightened in 78% recycled glass and 100% recyclable and produced in France.

The stopper is made of cork certified 100% of French origin, from sustainably managed forests (FSC).

The overcap has been removed, a bold decision which, given the existing technical choices, corresponds to the best environmental solution.

The box of 6 bottles is lightened by 14% of the weight of the box, made of recycled kraft, reusable with preformed handles and compostable.

For the 5 labels in the range, this is where the INESSENS printers come in.

Each label acts as a face label and a back label, with the legal notices grouped together on the right side.

Graphically, the labels are intended to be sober and declined in pastel and soothing tones. The format has been optimized to avoid paper waste.

Each is printed on bio-sourced paper with only 2 colors on each label, selecting inks made from natural pigments derived from minerals or plants, which are more environmentally friendly than conventional inks. The only finishing allowed is a dry curve that adds relief to the brand logo.

The glassine on which the adhesive labels are based is recycled via an organized and rewarding sector (professional integration association).

INESSENS is proud to have accompanied the entire development process of the Cerço range with our recommendations and our innovative technical solutions.

It must be said that we have been working for more than 3 years on solutions that allow us today to offer our customers more responsible labels. This is fully in line with our CSR approach and we are mobilized and committed to providing concrete responses. One of the solutions lies in our collection of natural pigments and it is a real success: we will soon reach 2 million labels printed with natural pigments!

To discover the other more responsible solutions we offer, continue to follow us. You will find our responsible innovations, customer testimonials, valuable advice…

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