Our printing house Roy in Chassagne Montrachet has printed the new Château de Sérame label.
We recommended a brand new medium, Clarens premium, developed with the historical papermaker Clairefontaine, 100% French, with a touch of yesteryear. This complete support has been designed for our customers with all the possible advantages: opaque without greying, FSC and bio-sourced. Its manufacturing process has been optimized with a low carbon index, the balance of emissions related to its manufacture is offset by a specialized body.

The curved transparent gilding delicately highlights their motto while the glossy tactile varnish intensifies the colors of the plant elements and the birds.

The cases were printed by our printing house in Grasse. A soft touch lamination brings softness and protection to the case.

With a vineyard in organic cultivation since 2013, Château de Sérame is part of an ethical and sustainable development perspective, with the aim of preserving natural resources and developing high biodiversity in the vineyard.

The new Château de Sérame rouge 2020 cuvée was designed by Laurent Beck of Studio Dito-design, like all the skins of the property. It is inspired by nature and the poetry that emanates from the estate.
Laurent Beck explains: “The skins are designed to reflect this state of mind while recalling the roots of the Family in history: the presence on the range of the motto “Exea britannos clauso certamine vicit” inscribed on the pediment of the Château de Sérame evokes the victory of Pierre d’Exea in 1402 during the Hundred Years War. The unique characteristics and flavor profile of Château de Sérame rouge 2020 are celebrated by the creative approach which, by establishing a balance between historical grounding, vegetal dimension, rich colors and classic typography, develops an organic aesthetic. »

We are delighted to have supported our client and his design agency in the development of his new range, of which the red version is the first echo.