To be more respectful, the label was printed digitally on recycled paper with only a dry curve to highlight the 5 which expresses so many things for our customer.

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The product has been regularly rewarded, and in particular with the “Spirits of the Year” prize in 2022: Most Sustainable Pack by VS NEWS – Cellars & E-commerce.

Digital printing offers a more environmentally friendly adhesive alternative to offset-printed adhesive labels because the waste of ink and paper is very low in digital, and also the toner machines consume 50% less energy than a conventional press. .

At Inessens, we have been working on eco-design for several years, with the search for more respectful printing solutions and supporting our customers in their approach.

Environmental responsibility is one of the pillars of our CSR approach for which we have obtained ISO 26000 certification – confirmed CSR commitment.

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