For the Bouey family, the love of the vine and the work of the Bordeaux land are much more than a tradition, they are a real family heritage. It was in 1821 that Jean Bouey acquired the first family vines, in the heart of the Médoc.

Today, Maison Bouey is one of the last independent family houses in Bordeaux, with Patrick and Jacques Bouey as sole shareholders.

Maison Bouey is the guarantee of a human partnership with an independent house. Among the first farms committed to the EMS (Environmental Management System), the seven properties of the Bouey Family received ISO 14001 certification as well as the High Environmental Value (HVE) diploma in 2018, the most demanding level for farms.   Unexpectedly, the Bouey house has produced a wine resulting from an unstemmed maceration in whole bunches. The result deserved a vintage tribute to this welcome mistake

Maison Bouey talks about their mistake:

“From a mistake we made a great wine. On that day in October 2019 when we had to harvest the best plot of a hundred-year-old vine for the last time, our destemmer broke down.

We decided to put the berries in vats with their stalks, we hadn’t done this in Bordeaux for so long that it was impossible to have an idea of ​​the result. But the evidence was there, the raid had given us an extra flavor, freshness and complexity, almost an extra soul. In memory of its origin, we called this cuvée Erravimus “we made a mistake” in Latin and decided to produce it for each great vintage. It is the new iconic cuvée from the Bouey family estates. »

They trusted Inessens for the label of their exceptional cuvée. BIDOIT printing house printed this label on cotton paper, enhanced by a matte gold and silver hot stamping, embossing and a varnish.

Thanks to them for their loyalty and trust.

A word from our client: “Erravimus is the latest addition to the Bouey Family vineyards. This wine, vinified with its stems and aged in diamond vats, is aimed at a public of connoisseurs looking for rare and atypical bottles. After months of work in the vineyard and in the cellar comes the time for bottling. To enhance the product, we entrusted the printing of the label to the Inessens teams. Their attention to detail and a perfect mastery of the latest printing techniques were of great help in providing Erravimus with an incomparable label. »