We have suggested more sustainable printing solutions to our client Domaine La Pie Masquée. Our client says “: Through this Mâcon-Chardonnay La Pie Masquée cuvée, we wanted to highlight the biodiversity of our vineyard and our commitment to sustainable development. The production of an eco-designed cuvée seemed to us. evident in this approach. We have made strong packaging choices, especially on the label: renouncing the adhesive in favor of a dry label, a lean technical platform and use of natural pigments. We have found at Inessens an attentive ear and real proposals to achieve this project. We appreciated working with a supplier sensitive to sustainability issues. The first feedback is already very positive and the initiative pleases our customers. ” To contact us, CLICK HERE, or by phone 04 68 76 37 37 and by mail contact@inessens.fr.