The latest trend, Retro Vintage, is one of the newest trends. Retro represents the 30s and 40s, or even 50s. Vintage encompasses an even broader period from the 30s to the 70s. We saw this trend appear first in fashion and house decoration with the return of aged colors such as old rose, petrol blue, pine green or earthy shades such as saffron, khaki, mustard yellow … they can also be mixed together in a patchwork of patterns to give a pop touch. This style brings a dose of nostalgia, using consumers’ memories to inspire confidence.
Fonts allow spontaneous brand and product recognition. The handwritten font takes center stage, it imitates manual writing, a bit old-fashioned and will awaken the feeling of attachment by giving a more human and authentic side to the design. Nostalgic marketing highlights round and colorful typos, which evoke joy, optimism and comfort.
In terms of graphics, we can distinguish both completely offbeat and eccentric creations (an animal head on a human body, for example) and designs inspired by nostalgic marketing in the style of grandmothers’ soaps.

Our printing solutions will make it possible to sublimate these designs, following the example of the thermo-engraving technique, an ancient know-how, historically reserved for luxury stationery, today used on certain labels to give incomparable volume while retaining great finesse and a subtle patina. An enamel powder is applied to the support in order to make the ink swell under the effect of heat. Screen printing inks can also bring a slight volume while subtlety and elegance and are available in all possible shades.

Among the premium supports developed by Inessens, Wavy, with a texture made up of a multitude of curves evoking roundness and lightness, also has multiple reflections, matte and iridescent. Statutory and reassuring, it has a vintage side reminiscent of the tapestries of the past.

Velvet is a real material on which it is possible to print colors and make hot stamping. By personalising it with a specific texture, it becomes a ‘haute couture’ material that will differentiate your brand and your products by making it premium.

And finally, digital printing offers a unique solution, variable data, which makes it possible to create collections of labels for the same product, and thus to animate the product on the shelves or in the grouping boxes. Your products will attract, question and seduce your customers.

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