The label is simple and effective: made on cotton bianco ultra WS paper, a nice highlighting of the orange color on the G of the Grenaudière in line with the color of their wax cap, and debossing in the shape of a sun around the G. This label is the result of a great cooperation between our client, the Domaine de la Grenaudière and INESSENS.
And this is often how the most beautiful creations are born, when we intervene upstream on projects and when we have the opportunity to provide our advice in creation and our technical recommendations. On this project, our design agency Atelier 7, a label creation specialist, looked for the best way to highlight the typicality of orange wine. Atelier7 puts the talent of its partner graphic designers at your disposal, trained in our innovative printing techniques. To contact us, CLICK HERE, or by phone 04 68 76 37 37 and by mail