The wine merchant P&A Gelin, established in Braine-le-Château in Brussels, is distinguished by its commitment to the creation of exceptional wines.

With its heritage and know-how, P&A Gelin combines the art of negotiation with a passion for aging wines, producing selections that reflect the richness of the Brussels terroir. Their meticulous approach, combining tradition and innovation, results in remarkable Cuvées that celebrate the unique character of the region. Thanks to their constant quest for quality and their deep respect for nature, P&A Gelin embodies the artisanal spirit of the wine world, providing memorable taste experiences for wine lovers.

We thank them for choosing our printing house in Grasse for the design of their case. The latter, of a striking elegance, has a black background embellished with a matte lamination. With meticulousness, we have added a silver hot stamp to confer a subtle and refined feeling of depth.