The 2022 vintage of Merlot IGP Méditerranée is in the form of a robust wine, coming from the vineyards of Vignerons de Granet. Founded in 1925, this cooperative cellar is situated in the hamlet of Granettes, in the commune of Aix-en-Provence, where the famous painter François Marius Granet once resided. The association has fifty cooperators who carefully manage 116 hectares of wine-growing land. Each year, it works on the vinification of around 7,500 hectoliters, producing renowned wines such as Coteaux-d’Aix-en-Provence, IGP Bouche du Rhône and IGP Méditerranée.

The label that adorns the bottle is the result of a collaboration with one of our partbner designers and was printed by our printing house, Digit Labels. The objective that guided this creation was to capture the unique characteristics of the grape variety through a series of symbolic animals.

In order to highlight “LE ROBUSTE” label, printed on Tintoretto paper – a thick paper known for its distinctive texture – and cut with precision to obtain its particular shape, we recommended digital varnish, which adds visual contrast and a tactile dimension. This technique offers designs the possibility of playing with light, accentuating particular details and providing a feeling of subtle volume whether to enhance images, highlight patterns or add a touch of elegance to a text.

The hot silver brings a touch of shine and refinement.