The Méthode Nature cuvée from Lisennes is a true ode to authenticity and harmony with nature. This wine estate, located in an idyllic setting, celebrates a respectful approach to the vine and the winemaking process.

The Clarens paper, 100% French, FSC and carbon neutral, was chosen as it both embodies elegance and naturality.
On this die-cut paper background, we find an old photo from the 1950s representing a young picker, Didier.
On the typography side, the typewriter method was chosen, it evokes a charming and retro nostalgy, reminiscent of the days when words were typed with precision on sheets of paper. Its mechanical look adds a vintage touch to the label and gives an authentic feel of handwriting in a digital world.
The name of the “VIN MÉTHODE NATURE” cuvée is written with a deconstructed typography that offers a bold and unconventional artistic approach, where the letters free themselves from classic constraints to create unique and original visual compositions.

Thank you to the Château de Lisennes for entrusting us with the printing of this label which testifies to the pure expression of the terroir.