The makeover of the Cave de Cruet label by Atelier 7
Our Savoyard client, Cave de Cruet, asked us to redesign their “Opale” rosé label.
We opted for a refined and assumed creation made by Atelier 7.
A predominant curve on a turquoise hot foil highlights the lettering of the name of the cuvée.
A perforation in the “O” brings depth and luminosity to the whole.
Finally, the cut-out shape and the pearl paper support enhance the elegance of this beautiful bottle.

Inessens is proud to present this beautiful achievement, very summery!

Atelier 7 is our design agency, with partner graphic designers trained in our techniques and printing materials.
They will be able to accompany you and advise you on the creation of your packaging, which can be both innovative, printable and perfectly adapted to your budget.
Atelier 7 can go beyond simple creation and consider the harmony between label, bottle and cap. We can also decline your BIB and your boxes.

The label is the first image that the consumer will have of your product, it must reflect what is inside the bottle. Entrust us with the creation of your label: click here

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