Founded in 1937, the Cave de Saint-Chinian embodies a cooperative rooted in the heart of the eponymous village. Guided by the spirit of collaboration, it now brings together 100 member winegrowers, united by a passion and daily perseverance, propelling their cellar to the rank of the most renowned in France. They chose our printing house in Grasse to design their cases.

On the cardstock, the soft touch lamination has been applied, much more than a simple finish: it is a tactile experience that evokes softness and refinement. When applied to a surface, it creates a velvety feel to the touch. This subtle texture adds a sensory dimension to the case. It brings a touch of discreet luxury while protecting the surface, thus creating a harmony between visual aesthetics and tactile feeling.

Blue hot stamping has been applied to enhance the logo and some artwork elements. This embellishment technique combines elegance and originality. Using blue metallic foil and heat for transfer, this method creates shiny, vibrant accents on a variety of mediums. This artisanal process lends visual depth and a touch of sophistication to the design, instantly catching attention.