The Duc et Duchesse de Graman wine is a truly iconic brand that embodies the elegance and excellence of the French terroir. From a prestigious estate, located in the heart of the most famous wine region of the country.

The labels of the Duc et Duchesse de Graman wines are a reflection of the excellence they contain. With a refined and elegant design, they captivate the eye at the first glance. A high quality, slightly textured paper hosts delicate and timeless typography, highlighting the prestigious name of the brand.

Gold hot foil for the Duchess white wine and red hot foil for the Duke red wine evoke the luxury and nobility that characterise these exceptional wines. They proudly display an illustration of a duke for red wine and a duchess for white wine with a transparent Fresnel lens, which adds an incomparable magnifying effect.

On the back, discreet technical notes provide valuable information on the vintage and the grape varieties, thus offering connoisseurs a subtle reading of the unique character of each cuvée.

The labels of the Duc and Duchesse de Graman wines are a real tribute to the French wine-growing tradition, while adorning themselves with a touch of modernity that seduces collectors and connoisseurs alike.