The Bourgeois Family, winegrowers in Sancerre for 10 generations, wanted to present Sauvignon Blanc in a new light, in the form of harvests entrusted to Nature in order to achieve an over-ripeness and sweetness unique in the Sancerre wine-growing landscape. This is how the cuvée “d’hOrées” was born, inspired by the Hours, ancient goddesses who opened the gates of heaven and governed the seasons.
To encapsulate this Sauvignon nectar with notes of tropical and candied fruit, spices and honey, the Bourgeois Family has chosen an original bottle, waxed and adorned with two labels.

On the collar, the tie made on an ivory Tintoretto, displays the name of the cuvée “d’hOrées” in hot foil, delicately chiseled, while on the back is a poem, an ode to Nature.
The main label made in double-sided printing, also on an ivory Tintoretto, can therefore also be seen through, revealing a harvest scene on the back.

“With the participation and expertise of Inessens, we were able to give life to a bold design that enhances a unique wine,” explains Alexandre Vacante, Marketing Director of the Bourgeois Family.