The labels of Valrhona squares from Andoa, Jivara, Bahibé, Caraïbe, Guanaja and Tulakalum are both a tribute to the art of chocolate and an invitation to an exquisite taste journey.

Each label is an open window on the sensory universe of each variety of chocolate. On a background of understated elegance, subtle patterns recall the origins and unique flavors of these chocolate delights. The names of Les Carrées, written with neat typography, evoke the exoticism and richness of distant lands where cocoa is cultivated with passion. The colors chosen reflect the depth of aromatic nuances that each square offers, inviting the taste buds to delight in delicate aromas and subtle notes.

These labels brilliantly illustrate Valrhona’s commitment to excellence, authenticity and the relentless quest for new taste sensations, making each Carré a real chocolate discovery to be savored with wonder.