The wines “Boxer Rouge” and “Boule dogue Noir” are two audacious cuvées that evoke passion and originality in the world of wine. The “Boxer Rouge” seduces with its powerful and robust character, like a boxing champion in the ring, it offers a rich palette of deep and bewitching aromas. On the other side, the “Boule Dogue Noir” charms with its elegance and finesse, like a well-trained Bulldog, it offers a delicate harmony of flavors subtly revealing the signature of its terroir. Both testify the passionate commitment of the winegrowers to offer unique and memorable taste experiences, which will delight wine lovers looking for novelty and emotion in each tasting.

The labels of the “Boxer Rouge” and “Boule Dogue Noir” wines reflect the distinctive image of each cuvée. For the “Boxer Rouge”, real velvet offers a soft and luxurious texture. The Boxer in gold stamping reinforces the strong identity of this cuvée. On the other hand, its little sister, the “Boule Dogue Noir” label opts for a different technical plateform with a Soft Touch support, thick typography for “BOULE DOGUE” and a more refined one on “black”. We see an illustration of a dressed Bulldog, where we can see that the yellow is highlighted by a shiny varnish.

These two wines come from the Asseray estate, in the Anjou region.

Thanks to them for their trust.