We are proud to present our latest collaboration with Argeville, specialists in the production of food flavours and fragrance compositions. Argeville relied on our know-how to print the boxes and labels for their new range of fragrances, distributed exclusively to their employees.

The aim of the range
An invitation to travel Each fragrance in this unique range is an invitation to discover a distinct sensory universe, inspired by Argeville’s composition houses such as Johannesburg, Dubai, Bangkok…

A collaboration between our printing houses Inessens Grasse and Digit Labels
Inessens Grasse developed the cases, printed in four-color process. DIGIT LABELS produced the labels, printed in digital four-color process. This collaboration enabled the colors of the boxes and labels to be perfectly matched, whether it’s Digit Labels or Inessens Grasse. Our know-how enabled us to obtain the precise shades required by the customer. Our sales and feasibility teams advised and assisted Argeville in selecting the right materials for the box and the label to achieve this perfect harmony. Additionally, we used exclusively FSC-certified materials for the labels and boxes, ensuring a commitment to sustainability.

INESSENS and ARGEVILLE: A Sustainable Partnership
Argeville is a long-standing customer of our printing houses in Provence. This partnership has been strengthened with the development of this new range of fragrances, illustrating our expertise and passion for excellence.

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