At the VS PACK exhibition in Cognac, Jérôme Rigaud from Premium Océanic Spirits in La Couarde on the Ile de Ré told us about his plans to give his range of Ile de Ré Gin a fresh look. As the recipe for Océanic Gin RÉtha maritime spirits uses seaweed of the fucus variety, freshly hand-harvested from the Rétais coastline, we proposed a technical platform that would reflect the iodised character of our Charente seaside. On a structured paper, we suggested printing its blue tint on a silver hot foil to give it maximum pep, the curve reinforcing the desired effect and brand visibility.

Jérôme RIGAUD comments: “We’re very pleased with our label; the printing techniques suggested by Marianne Berland and the Bidoit team really bring out the fresh, invigorating and iodised character of Retha Oceanic Gin.