In a world where environmental awareness has become a priority, our printing house Roy is setting an example by integrating an ecological dimension into its business. Here’s a look back at an initiative that’s as innovative as it is valuable: the installation of beehives within our company.

An embodiment of CSR
Since 2021, the House of Roy has taken a remarkable initiative by installing a beehive on its site. This action is perfectly in line with our company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, demonstrating its commitment to the environment and the community.

Why bees?
Bees, a symbol of biodiversity, are a valuable indicator of the health of our environment. By encouraging their presence and development, Inessens is helping to preserve pollinators, which are essential to the reproduction of many plant species. In this way, the prosperity of bees in their new habitat testifies the quality of the local environment, which is beneficial for both flora and fauna and for human beings.

A generous harvest
The results of this initiative were not long in coming. Thanks to the presence of the bees in their apiary, we were able to harvest no less than 28 kilos of honey in 2023. A honey of exceptional quality, carefully packaged in 250 gram jars.

A local and responsible partnership
To showcase this precious nectar, we called on local partners. CowoBee, a French company specialising in the installation of beehives and the packaging of honey, was entrusted with this delicate task. The label, meanwhile, was designed by Atelier 7, who used their expertise to come up with a sober, elegant design. These labels, decorated with a digital varnish, highlight the quality of the product and our printing expertise.