Our customer wanted to renew the design of the cases for the Japanese market.
We proposed a more eco-friendly solution by replacing the Pantone Metallic with a selective screen printing varnish tested on the flower decorations of their limited edition developed especially for Christmas.
And we also used this technique to highlight the Logo and product name: adding a matte/gloss contrast and touch relief that allowed us to remove the clear hot marking.
Our customer explains: Inessens has been able to respond perfectly to our request for the creation of our new range of hand products in limited edition for the holidays. The challenge was to be able to achieve our sharp design while respecting our low quantities without exploding our budget. In addition, Inessens was able to offer us an alternative printing for the enhancement of our plant affixed on the front of our cases to bring out the matte/glossy duality. The silkscreen varnish was perfectly suited to highlight in detail the fine features of this plant, central element of this new range»To contact us, CLICK HERE, or by phone 04 68 76 37 37 and by mail contact@inessens.fr.