A cuvée that bears its name well, because it is a real moment of pleasure that the tasting offers us. Very quickly, this cuvée established itself as a best seller, much appreciated. A rosé for sharing, fruity and intense, with a beautiful, very light rose petal colour.
We let ourselves be guided by the swimmer who turns blue when he reaches the right serving temperature (freshness), for optimal tasting.

The paper is an Inessens exclusive, the “Velouté Black Ice Silver”, which is an alliance between the lamination of white sand on a film with a 3D silver holographic decoration. This paper has an “ice cube” finish for markets intended for ice buckets products. It was launched in 2022 with the product Moment de Plaisir.
On the front we can see two hot foils, a matt silver and a pinkish copper. A 10° blue thermo ink for the “freshness” effect on one of the swimmers, as well as selective debossing and a glossy tactile silk-screen varnish.

It is a label in vitrophanie, which therefore has a back, where we can see swimmers. A black flexo print on adhesive.

A label designed and developed on our ASET printing house by our sales representative Jean Baptiste Osarak and created by our design agency, Atelier 7.