Maison CLAUDE LEBLANC is a family business which was created in 1978 by the Sigrist family. For 42 years, the house has been selecting wines for the French market and has more than 200 partnerships with estates and châteaux throughout France to allow direct access to a selection of quality wines from exceptional terroirs.

The Conseillerie des Tonneliers, created by Madame Claude Siegrist in 1978 in Beaune in the heart of Burgundy with the desire to highlight attractive wines from winegrowers, wanted to change their label, approved by the Eiffel Tower company, for a more dazzling, more scintillating result that catches the eye, in order to be closer to reality and arouse emotion.

This label used to be made on a Tintoretto with embossed hot foil. Now it has evolved in our ROY printing house with a Double black on Soft Touch, an embossed hot foil with a sunray effect and a dotted silkscreen varnish at the bottom of the label.

This bottle will be sold at the Eiffel Tower and at strategic and tourist points.

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