Our client Bienaimé, perfumer since 1935, has always been keen to perpetuate the elegance and know-how of French perfumery.

When Cécilia Mergui takes over the brand, she wishes to remain faithful to the heritage of the founder. Thus she will choose to revamp the label of their range of products inspired by the label of the 1930s, which at the time highlighted their French know-how (color, flag, made in France). She will even make small objects of art and beauty, so dreamlike and poetic, which embellish the bathroom.

Her choice to work with us for the printing of the label was motivated by our French know-how. Their labels, whose design has been modified to incorporate the aesthetics of Art Deco, were printed by our printing house HAAS Etiquettes near Fontainebleau in the Paris region. HAAS, created in 1915, is recognized for its expertise in the premium cosmetics market. A true color expert, HAAS has a library of over 4,500 screen printing colors.

The choice of screen printing for the Bienaimé house label was not made at random. The silkscreen ink brings precision, finesse, and a slight relief to the finger, which arouses emotion and sticks to the nostalgic atmosphere of the label.

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