At the heart of the Gascony region, the Domaine d’Embidoure has entrusted the printing of its emblematic Floc de Gascogne to Inessens. As a specialist in digital printing, our printing house Digit Labels was responsible for the job.
The combination of tradition and modernity is expressed through the use of a premium textured paper. The addition of a curved hot foil to the letter “o”, evoking a crown, adds a note of refinement and sophistication to the label, giving it a touch of luxury.

Discovering Floc de Gascogne is now a complete sensory experience, where touch, sight and aesthetics blend harmoniously.
Our attention to detail is reflected in a label that does not go unnoticed, capturing the very essence of Floc de Gascogne in a distinctive visual expression.

A big well done to everyone involved in bringing this project to life.