This third trend, Electrics, has the primary objective of being visible on the shelf, to allow it to stand out from competing offers. This trend borrows the flashy codes of the 80s: geometric shapes, bright or metallic colors, holographic effects, satin papers or shiny materials that catch the light.

The fonts are impactful, the label will give them pride of place, they even become the heroines!

The foil reprint offers a bright, metallic color palette. The illustrations will be more impactful and attractive, the texts can be extremely fine. You can choose the exact color of the hot foil you want or play on a double or triple hot foil effect… In adhesive as in traditional, it is the perfect solution to ennoble a label without constraint.

The holographic effects and in particular thanks to the hot foil capture the attention with their reflections of light while modernising the creation. They offer effects of depth and movement depending on the viewing angle of the product. In selective touches, the result is subtle and elegant. The Fresnel lens adds a magnifying effect to your designs. Auguste Fresnel is the inventor of this lens so powerful that it has equipped all the headlights of the largest ports. It gives an incomparable effect of volume and depth to elements of your labels. Round in size, the lens can also be placed selectively, in the desired shape.

In addition to hot foil, papers can also give effects, bring movement, depth and dynamism to the design. At Inessens, we have a whole range of innovative and ultra-premium material papers, which we have had custom-adhesive with a suitable glue for perfect resistance to humidity and ice bucket. Then they were tested in printing and labelling with referenced customers. Lucky Star is a paper with a strong personality, with a star-shaped texture and its originality particularly attracts light. The moire canvas is an original solution that combines texture and the effects of light. Its appearance with shimmering reflections takes on its full meaning on colored backgrounds for a very qualitative and differentiating effect on your labels.

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