The fourth trend, The Precious, highlights the sophistication of packaging.
Labels rooted in tradition are evolving into precious and elegant labels, ‘à la française’. We even see in this trend the creation of high-end packs (specific glassware, reassuring but refined label). Some brands even try to personalise each product, to make a unique version of it, or even to offer the possibility to the consumer to make his own blend.

Fonts should illustrate product values ​​and represent brand identity. Serif typefaces, certainly formal but timeless, take precedence here because they inspire confidence in consumers. They can be finely worked, sharpened, chiseled, with acute and right angles to give a strong elegance to the label.

The label becomes a jewel, with in particular an important work on hot foil. Textured hot foil or curved, embossed or diamond-shaped hot foil, the tool is machined by hand to obtain fine and precise effects, just like a real piece of metal.

An ultra matt and soft touch finish, combined with silkscreen or glossy digital varnishes, reinforces the precious side of the label by playing on contrast effects.
Our soft touch solution also offers an incomparable peach-skin touch, which awakens the senses.

We also find under this trend the use of foils, rich and shiny. Among them, there is a thick foil which makes it possible to simulate the appearance of tin labels and overcome their constraints (difficulties in packaging, supply times, prohibitive price). The Asian market is particularly in demand of this type of packaging which expresses luxury. You will find the shine of pewter and it is also possible to imitate different finishes to accentuate the metal effect (brushed, streaked, patinated, marbled).

The labels are printed on paper, but not only! At Inessens, we offer a wide range of genuine, innovative and ultra-premium materials, which we have custom-adhesive. Tested in printing, then in labelling with reference customers, these materials are a real element of differentiation compared to other offers on the market.
Velvet, for example, or our range of fabrics made from woven fabric fibres, will bring an authentic, statutory and natural aspect (Natural Canvas) or, on the contrary, a more original side with a fabric that combines material and light effects ( Moirée canvas), or even silk which offers a unique silky touch or extra soft suede for its rustic side.

Finally, recently, it is possible to associate (on the same width) or combine (on the same label) several supports and materials. Combining two materials means creating differentiation, originality, and ultimately more emotion to the sight and to the touch!
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