By choosing Clarens Premium White as an alternative to the major printing standards, our customers have enabled us to avoid the rejection of more than 44.6 tonnes of carbon since the start of its launch in January 2023, i.e. the equivalent of 44 round trips Paris-New York or 13 times around the earth by plane! It is thanks to the optimisation of its process that Clarens has obtained a controlled carbon index, the balance of emissions related to the manufacture of paper being compensated with a specialised organisation referenced by the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

In addition to its low environmental impact, it should also be remembered that Clarens Premium White, developed by Inessens with the famous paper manufacturer Clairefontaine, has many other advantages. CLARENS PREMIUM WHITE All the benefits in a single paper

Clarens was developed by INESSENS in order to be able to complete control of its manufacture, from the origin of the fibers until the optimisation of its process to limit its impact on the environment.

INESSENS was created more than 25 years ago by Eric Groshens, the current CEO, and Charles Gordo, ASET site manager. All the shareholders today are French and work in one of our 9 printing houses. INESSENS chose Clairefontaine because it is a historical French papermaker since 1858 which has a real know-how. CLARENS is a complete paper which takes up the values authenticity, reliability and security of our two French companies.

It has all the possible advantages. Its appearance is very white, opaque in dry and humid environments. Its “yesterday” touch, slightly textured, is reassuring and echoes our memories of schoolchildren. He has a nice hand with a weight of 95g/m². It is available in self-adhesive rolls as well as in sheets. for traditional printing. REH treated, it is resistant in the wet state, it does not gray and does not change appearance. Its rubber adhesive is effective and allows a good hold in an ice bucket.

Clarens is FSC certified, i.e. it is made from pulp from sustainably managed forests. It is biosourced with 20% FSC® alternative bamboo fibres, fast growing plant compared to wood. The Clarens process has been optimised with a low carbon index, the balance of emissions related to paper manufacturing is offset with a specialised organisation referenced by the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

This paper is accompanied by an environmental sheet which explains the principle of carbon neutrality down to the detail of the wood parcel followed by Bureau Veritas.