Château Soutard Grand Cru Classé 2022 is an exceptional wine that perfectly embodies the elegance and finesse of the great wines of Bordeaux. From the first glance, its deep and intense red color attracts attention, revealing all the concentration and richness of this vintage.

The design of the label was created about fifteen years ago when the property was bought by the insurance company La Mondiale.
The property goes towards wine tourism, with a very beautiful building which is faithfully represented on the label, an illustration which is very refined.
It is a source of pride for Inessens to produce the label of a wine which is one of the jewels of the St Émilion appellation.
The Cottone Bianco paper was chosen to represent nobility, a monochrome “Bleu Soutard” for sobriety, a color that is omnipresent on the property and on all its communication tools, a hot silver of matt pewter color to distinguish the appellation and the vintage as well as a dry embossing on Château Soutard, the appellation and the vintage.

Thank you to our client for his trust