We are delighted to present our recent collaboration with Champagne Angélique Lacroix, which is committed to a HVE (High Environmental Value) approach to rationalise its purchases and reduce its carbon footprint. To enhance their Brut Nature, Angélique Lacroix chose Inessens to develop a top-of-the-range label, printed on Clarens our French paper with a low carbon footprint.

Angélique Lacroix tells us her experience: ‘Thank you to Mathieu Toussaint and Inessens for listening and advising us during the development of this label’.
We are proud to have been able to support Champagne Angélique Lacroix in this sustainable initiative, and to help to promote their Brut Nature with a label that reflects their commitment and exceptional quality.

The label developed on Clarens paper, optimised for its low carbon footprint, perfectly illustrates the combination of elegance and environmental commitment.

We would like to warmly thank Angélique Lacroix for her trust and this wonderful collaboration. At Inessens, we are committed to providing printing solutions that meet our customers’ needs while respecting strict environmental criteria.