In Martinique, Ananda rises to the top in terms of well-being, spirituality and esotericism, an undisputed reference. Their online store is a complete platform, bringing together all the necessary elements to guide their global clientele in their spiritual search.
Their privileged collaboration with Grasse partners ensures the supply of scented raw materials and essences, underlining their commitment to quality.

In order to provide attentive service in the advice, development and manufacture of their cases, Ananda has chosen to partner with our company, Inessens Grasse.
Our collaboration began with the creation of a box for their paste incense, renowned for being all natural and qualified as “the most powerful in the world”, carefully crafted using artisanal methods. Together, we developed an eco-designed box set, reflecting the core values of the Ananda brand and highlighting their commitment to sustainability.

The box is built from a flower-shaped base and a cover, all without using any glue! A poetic analogy comes to life through this box: like a blossoming flower, Ananda incense burns, imbuing spaces with beneficial and lasting vibrations.

Four-color double-sided prints are made using vegetable oil-based inks.

Thank you to our client for his trust