Vignerons de Saint Romain, which originated in La Motte in the Var and was founded in 1929, initially brought together 60 winegrowers. The cooperative has modernised and expanded over the decades, merging with five other neighbouring cellars between 1991 and 2007. Today, it has a modern production site inaugurated in 2015, with several tasting and sales outlets, and is dedicated to producing quality wines, in particular AOC Côtes de Provence rosé.

For this first project with our new client, the aim was to give a strong identity to their rosé, the only organic wine in their range. This rosé, representing their top-of-the-range product, deserved to be highlighted.

The client, looking for an original label, was immediately attracted by the innovative technique of complexage, which she was discovering for the first time. The creative brief was clear: she wanted a label that was refined, elegant and distinctive.

At Inessens, we met this challenge by designing a label that not only reflects the exceptional quality of this organic rosé, but also stands out for its refined and unique design.