In the world of wine, the label is often the first visual contact with the product. That’s why, when Vincent Richard, 4th generation of Domaine Pierre Richard, decided to give his Crémant du Jura a new look, he entrusted the task to Dominique Sabard, our sales representative in the Burgundy region.

The result? A dazzling makeover using our innovative Lucky Star paper. This label is not just a simple print, but a real work of art that reflects the light thanks to its star-like structure.
Vincent Richard, delighted with the result, says: “Dominique helped me throughout the project with his valuable creative and technical advice. It was important to me to make the image of our product look younger, and the label was a key part of that.”

The new label, with its distinctive cut-out shape, gives Crémant du Jura a unique personality. It’s a real element of recognition that will appeal to its customers.