Bastille Parfums claims to be a perfumer of freedoms, the freedom to create original perfumes, meaningful, which make things happen, and also more responsible.

Bastille asked Inessens Grasse to design and print its modular box to accommodate 6 or 7 samples depending on the launch of new fragrances, a real pre-purchase marketing tool, this discovery kit allows you to choose your fragrance and use a welcome offer card included in the box.
The concern for eco-responsible commitment has also led the brand to have us produce a box delivered flat rather than an assembled box.
On the mini cases, we worked hand in hand to obtain the precise shades according to the olfactory themes. On each one, we recommended the use of the perfume card, thus allowing the use of the unprinted strip to test the fragrances. Our client explains his satisfaction in collaborating with Inessens and Art et Sens for the development of his new discovery box: “The whole team was able to help us throughout the development: from the model to the adjustment of the colors and the “Trick of using the scent card for the cases – which allows the case to transform into an olfactory touch: smart and better for the planet!”
Thank you for their trust.