Immerse yourself in the world of “13 le Gin” 2022 campaign edition, where art and transparency come together to create a true visual experience. This label goes well beyond a simple presentation, it tells the story of the brand. The label printed on thick, textured Tintoretto paper by our printing house Digit Labels, creates a tactile dimension. The subtle embossed logo adds depth while the number 13 in hot blue shines subtly, adding a note of luxury.

However, it is with the back label, made on a transparent support, that the experience becomes truly astonishing. The back label is double sided, inviting the consumer to delve into the history of gin. On the other side of the back label, an artistic drawing of a vine. This visual duality provides a two-sided viewing experience, encouraging one to explore every detail through the bottle.

Everything is enhanced by a soothing gradient of blue, creating a serene atmosphere. This label skillfully combines visual artistry and depth, inviting the senses to discover the complex history and subtle aromas of this unique gin. The product is presented in a case made by our printing house in Grasse.

The 2022 campaign edition of “13 le Gin” represents an invitation to explore the history of the brand.