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An amazing cut. Our client, Pauline Croom Nadal from Domaine Nadal Hainaut tells you about their goal and the development of their new range with this original cut that makes all the difference! : “Regarding our new” 3 sources “range, the feedback from our customers is extremely positive.When we turned to Inessens, we had a very specific idea in mind: we wanted to renew our entry-level products. Our primary desire was to create a nice, original range, of good quality while remaining affordable. Because these are wines that are often found in the restaurant but also at the table of the bride and groom that we receive at the château. The bet was risky, our bottle of rosé, known for its original packaging and its glass stopper, was going to be replaced. But whatever the cost, we wanted to create this range in white, rosé and red. So we needed an original idea so as not to disappoint our customers. This is how we came up with the idea of ​​cutting out the paper, and it was with the advice of Léna Ouallet that we decided to cut the label in half with the profile of the key. This famous key which has opened the cellar for 5 generations of winemakers for now … At the technical level, the choice fell on the curve and the black gilding, the rendering is like what we had imagined, not to mention the texture of bianco cotton paper! We are very happy with the quality. Despite the pain it has given us, we don’t regret a single second. We have only had good feedback. The key is unanimous !”

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